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AMD President and CEO Lisa Su unveils the Radeon VII, the world's first 7nm gaming GPU.

James Martin / CNET

During AMD's first-ever keynote at CES on Wednesday, company President and CEO Lisa Su unveiled the Radeon VII, the world's first 7nm gaming GPU.

AMD claims the Radeon VII will have 25 percent more performance at the same power, 16 GB high-performance memory and 1 TB/sec bandwidth.

Su said this is the most powerful gaming GPU AMD has ever built.

It was demoed at the the keynote with Devil May Cry 5, which Su said was running at "well above" 60 frames per second at 4K resolution. Su said there's about a 25 percent improvement in performance across games on average, and mentioned a 35 percent boost in performance on Battlefield 5.

The Radeon VII comes out Feb. 7, and costs $699. It comes bundled with the Resident Evil 2 remake, The Division 2 and the afore-mentioned Resident Evil 5.

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