In Pakistan, Makkah Grand Mosque imam stresses medias importance in spreading moderate Islam


Thu, 2019-04-18 01:34

LAHORE, PAKISTAN: Saudi Arabias mission is “the message of peace, security and stability to all the peoples of the world,” Sheikh Abdullah bin Awad Al-Juhani, the imam of the Grand Mosque, said.

Al-Juhanis comments came as he inaugurated the Holy Quran channel in the Paigham network, an Islamic educational media group supervised by the Ahl Al-Hadeeth Central Association in Pakistan.

Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, Saudi ambassador to Pakistan, and Sajid Mir, chairman of the Ahl Al-Hadeeth Association and member of the Pakistan Senate, attended the inauguration along with officials and heads of Islamic associations.

The ceremony took place at the General Assembly of the Ahl Al-Hadeeth Association in Lahore.

Al-Juhani stressed on the importance of the media in spreading the Islamic call, and highlighting the true image of moderate Islam, which fights extremism and terrorism.

The Kingdom under the leadership of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “seeks to promote good deeds to the whole world,” he said.

“The Kingdoms mission is the message of peace, security and stability to all the peoples of the world,” he added.

Al-Juhani said that the Kingdom has always stood by Pakistan and its people in all matters, including cooperation in the service of Islam and Muslims.

Mir said: “The Holy Quran channel … will be a permanent link between the viewer and the book of God, to read the wise verses to everyones ears.”

He praised the efforts of the Kingdom and its leadership to distribute and spread the Quran, and support those who work in this field.

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