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Not asking for much: Frustration in Dakar as fresh Senegal floods wreak havoc

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There is anger in Senegal over severe flooding that has left at least four people dead after Dakar and wide swathes of the country were steeped in heavy rains. Roads were blocked and homes collapsed. In Keur Massar, a dense suburb of the capital, the fire brigade handed out inflatable boats to help residents get around. Critics want to know what ever happened to the billion-euro plan launched in 2012 to fight such flooding.

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“Every time there is a flood, they fool us by giving us food rations. We dont need it. We need sanitation,” local resident Rokhaya tells FRANCE 24, reeling from flooding that saw waters fill her home and rise a metre high in her courtyard amid rains that fell relentlessly over the weekend. “I call on President Macky Read More – Source




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