Belarus police detain dozens of women at anti-Lukashenko protest

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Hundreds of women calling for the authoritarian president to step down protested in Belarus capital on Saturday, continuing the large demonstrations that have rocked the country since early August.

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Police blocked off the center of Minsk and arrested more than 80 demonstrators, according to the Viasna human rights organization. Some of those arrested were chased down by police in building courtyards where they were trying to take refuge, Viasna said.

Protests, by far the largest and most persistent in Belarus since independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, began Aug. 9 after an election that officials said gave President Alexander Lukashenko a sixth term in office.

Opponents and some poll workers say the results, in which Lukashenko was tallied with 80% support, were manipulated.

#Belarus Nearly 80 women were detained today,including an underaged girl and six journalists (four of them were released afterwards). Since the election, more than 12,000 people have been detained. It is unprecedented in the history of modern Belarus.Many were tortured and beaten

— Hanna Liubakova (@HannaLiubakova) September 26, 2020

Despite wide-scale detentions of demonstrators and the arrest of many prominent opposition figures, the protests haven't shown signs of abating. Lukashenko further angered opponents this week by taking the oath of office for a new term in an unexpected ceremony.

Protesters on Saturday carried placards denouncing him as “the secret president.”

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