Apple has a major security flaw that’s also quite embarrassing

Apple is scrambling to issue a fix to a major security flaw which has come to light overnight that could leave Mac users vulnerable.

Anyone can gain access to a computer running MacOS High Sierra, the most up to date version of the Mac operating system, by typing in root when prompted for a username and then leaving the password blank, followed by clicking unlock twice.

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By doing so, the "hacker" can gain access to anything that has previously been securely protected on the device, Root access on a computer gives privileged access on a machine.

Apple issued a statement saying that it is "working on a software update to address the issue".

It also issued guidance for mac users running High Sierra, advising them to set s password for the root user.

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It's an embarrassing bug to turn up for Apple due to its sheer simplicity, and a rare and very public misstep for the tech giant. One former Apple engineer called it "a Galaxy Note 7 moment", referring to Samsung's major battery fail last year.

Nobody should be surprised when Apple has a Galaxy Note 7 moment.

— Bob Burrough (@bob_burrough) November 29, 2017

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