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‘Failing UK politicians use Russian ‘Brexit meddling’ to distract people from terribly run things’

It is pathetic the UK government has to resort to substandard mythology like “Brexit is invalid because of Russia,” instead of sharing crucial information with people about the future Brexit process, says Adam Garrie, editor of the project.

Tech giants Facebook and Twitter have agreed to help the British government look into alleged Russian interference in last year's Brexit vote.

British MPs are desperate for some Russian interference, and won’t stop until they find it

RT discussed this case with Adam Garrie, managing editor at the project.

RT:Will Facebook and Twitter be able to find this smoking gun of Russian meddling everyone's been talking about for so long?

Adam Garrie: We’ve all heard of looking for a needle in a haystack, this is a bit more like looking into the eye of a needle and trying to find a haystack. It really is total nonsense. We all remember similar investigation relating to the US presidential election when they found that the aggregate ads from RT about the election were literally one percent – a drop in the bucket. And furthermore, there’s an issue that we need to make very clear – when people talk about political ads from RT, we are not saying ads that are being put out by RT saying “Vote for Trump/Vote for Clinton/Vote Brexit – yes/Vote remain in the EU.” We are not talking about that. We are talking about political ads that say “Watch RT’s coverage of Trump/of Clinton/of Brexit, etc.” And even in that case, the percentage is negligible compared to that of the big corporate Western mainstream media, and of course, the overall proliferation of state-owned Western broadcasters like, for example, the BBC which talked a lot about Brexit and everyone has their view on their coverage. Yet again, it is another distraction that failing politicians are putting forward to confuse people about the nature of why things are being run so terribly. It’s not RT’s fault, not many people believe that. But the political elites want as many people to believe the myth is possible.

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RT: Facebook and Twitter haven't managed to provide any evidence in other alleged cases of Russian involvement, so what will be different this time?

AG: …They will probably release a statement; they might give a few facts and figures. But they certainly won’t give the whole story about how, going back to an American example, Twitter actually asked RT – some would say begged RT – to place their ads, they helped them to do it, they made a special ad package, they made a lot of money. Maybe Twitter is some Russian agent after all. If we are going to go down this absurd rabbit hole that now the UK is going down as well because the UK is after all the little sister to America’s big brother. So, no surprise, they are going down that same line…

RT: Theresa May's government has gone through hard times in the Brexit process. Do you think this anti-Russia hysteria might be used as an opportunity to try and roll back the Brexit vote?

AG: It is certainly something they are going to try, and that shows the sad state of modern politics in countries like Britain and the US and in the EU as a whole. There are arguments to be heard on both sides: economic arguments, arguments about culture, pragmatism, history. And instead of talking about this, because of course, both sides ought to have their feelings hurt, even after the referendum vote, because new information keeps coming out; instead, you have the UK government that is redacting, censoring crucial information from their own reports about what Brexit will actually look like…They won’t even share the ideas they do have with people. Instead, we will probably see “Brexit is invalid because of Russia” in the same “Donald Trump is invalid because of Russia.” It is really quite pathetic that people have to resort to substandard mythology, not even good juvenile fiction when they could be talking about real things.

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