How to get moving stickers on Snapchat

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How to get moving stickers on Snapchat
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There are so many inventive things you can do on Snapchat with some ingenious helpful tips.

One of the most attractive things about Snapchat is how pioneering you can be in your use of emojis.

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Once you have taken your picture or video snap, Snapchat allows you to add any stickers, emojis, bimotjis, filters, or geofilters.

The possibilities to really make your snap your own are endless, but you need to have the right skills to really make some art.

Snapchat often update and add new fun features which make it a real struggle to keep up and before you know it you are left out of all of the best things on the internet because of your lack of knowledge about Snapchat.

Have no fear as we’re here to let you in on many the secret.

We will be telling you how to make your bitmoji dance and how get moving sticker on Snapchat.

How to get moving stickers on Snapchat
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Jazz up your snap with moving stickers

Once you have taken your Snapchat picture or video you are then allowed to add a variety of different features such as sticker and emojis, which is what we are focusing on.

In the case of a video you can so easily make moving sticker or emojis.

All you have to do is choose the sticker or emoji you want to add then drag it to the middle of the screen.

Once it is on the video all you need to do is press and hold the emoji or sticker and position it where you want it to move in the video, then release.

The app will take care of the rest and there you will have a moving sticker or emoji.

You can really have some fun with these features.

You could even have some floating heads of your friends in the video if you have made a sticker of them.

How to make your own sticker on Snapchat

Screenshot a picture you want to make a sticker of, my friends generally chose the photos where I am struggling to look human and cut out a pretty disgusting sticker of my face.

Open your memories and depending where you have saved the photos either in Snapchat memories or in the camera roll you need to find the photo and select it.

Then choose to edit it.

Once you are in the edit mode you need to select the scissors tool.

Draw a circle around the subject in the photo that you want to turn into a sticker.

Once you are happy with your cutting you can click ‘Done’.

Then click ‘Discard Changes’.

Now return to your Snapchat camera screen and click on the sticker bank button.

You will see the same scissors icon at the bottom here, click it to access all of your sticker, and the one you just created should be under ‘saved’.

Simply select it and add it to your snap.

How can I make my bitmoji dance?

Snapchat recently update the app to add a really interactive new feature that will seriously impress your Snapchat friends.

This was the 3D animated bitmoji.

After the success of the dancing hot dog animated emoji Snapchat simply had to make it more interactive.

So when you engage the outward facing camera and press and hold to get up filters you will be given a selection of animated bitmoji options to play with and record.

Before you go gung ho into using these fun filters you need to have set up and personalised a bitmoji, to do this you need to visit the setting section of the app and find bitmoji.

Create and personalise your bitmoji in the separate bitmoji app as instructed and link it to your Snapchat.

How to get moving stickers on Snapchat
There she is. My bitmoji sitting pretty on the Snap Map (Picture: Snapchat)

Then you will be able to use your own personalised bitmoji in the animated bitmoji filter.

Take not though, that even when you dress your bitmoji these clothes will not necessarily be the ones the animated bitmoji is wearing but their face and build will be the same.

The animated bitmoji’s actions change and can range from funny sketches with a hoover, falling off a swing to just dancing.

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