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London Reacts To Akbari’s Execution in Iran

London, Jan 16 (EFE).- The British government “studies its next steps” after the execution, on the 14th, in Iran of the British-Iranian citizen Alireza Akbari, accused of espionage by the Islamic Republic, the British minister said today of Foreign Affairs, James Cleverly.

Allied Countries

Cleverly explained in the House of Commons that he works with other allied countries to agree on measures against “the growing threat” posed by the Iranian regime.

Precisely, the head of the Foreign Office plans to expose the matter during a visit tomorrow, Tuesday, and on Wednesday to the United States and Canada, where he will also seek to increase support for Ukraine.

Explanation of Minister

Speaking in Commons today, the minister described the execution of Akbari, who had been Iran’s deputy defense minister, as “the cowardly and shameful act of a leadership that does not hesitate to use the death penalty as a political tool to silence dissent and settle internal scores.”

Cleverly informed the deputies that today he has called for consultations the British ambassador in Tehran, Simon Shercliff, who on Saturday was summoned in turn by the Iranian authorities, who condemned the “interventionism” of the United Kingdom “in national security” from Iran.

Following Akbari’s execution, the British government sanctioned the Iranian Attorney General, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, whom it blames for the politically motivated use of the death penalty.

According to Cleverly, the UK has imposed 40 sanctions on Iran since last October, and its next response may include more penalties or other measures.

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