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Man handed in £30 left at cash machine – so karma rewarded him with £50,000

Man handed in £30 left at cash machine - so karma rewarded him with £50,000
Good karma (Picture: Daily Record)

If you’ve ever kept money you’ve found instead of handing it in, you’re missing out on some seriously good karma.

You should be more like Colin Banks, a builder from Scotland who found £30 cash in an ATM and handed it into the shop.

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For his good deed, the universe rewarded him with an almost £50,000 win from a £1.50 bet he’d placed.

Banks, a dad of two and a builder, told the Daily Record: ‘They say honesty is the best policy, and it certainly was for me.

‘I have a big family and I’m now going to make sure we all have a brilliant time this Christmas – the best we as a family have ever had.’

Colin, 50, went to withdraw money at Asda in Motherwell with his daughter Zoe, 25, when they noticed that a previous customer had left behind £30. Without hesitating, they handed the cash into the supermarket.

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Just half an hour later, Colin found out that his long-shot bet had landed him £49,077.

He celebrated with ‘more than one glass’ of wine, and has already treated himself to a second-hand Ford Focus.

Colin added: ‘I have a nephew, Gordon, who is getting married in Mexico in May and I’ll be able to afford to go now.’

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