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Record-Breaking Heat Wave Hits UK In 2022

NMS UK has announced the the heat wave that hit UK in 2022 was record breaking

According to the National Meteorological Service of the United Kingdom, without global warming, only temperatures as hot as those of 2022 once every five centuries would be expected.

Hottest Year of UK

The 2022 was confirmed as the hottest ever registered in the United Kingdom, with an average annual temperature that first exceeded the ten degrees barrier. The scientists of the MET Office, the National Meteorological Service of the United Kingdom, calculated that a similar heat is now expected every three or four years. Without greenhouse gases emitted by humanity, such a hot year would only be expected once every five centuries.

The 10.03 degrees registered in 2022 beat the previous 9.88 record established in 2014, and there are 0.89 degrees above the average of the last three decades. All the nations of the United Kingdom established new records annual record.

Recorded Temperature in July

The scientists were surprised in July when the daily temperature record first exceeded 40 degrees, leaving behind the previous maximum of 38.7. The hot summer caused thousands of premature deaths; In addition, a cold wave in December barely influenced the average annual temperature.

Nikos Christidis, a scientist at the MET Office, declared: “We have calculated that by the end of the century, in a medium [future] [future emission scenario, an average temperature could occur in the United Kingdom of ten degrees almost every year.” For his part, Mark McCarthy, of the MAC Office said that this situation is not a surprise. “Since 1884, the ten years in which the highest annual temperature has been recorded have occurred since 2003. The observational registry makes it clear that man -induced global warming is already affecting the climate of the United Kingdom,” he said.

An analysis by The Guardian in August revealed how people from all over the world were losing their lives and their means of subsistence due to heat waves, floods, forest fires and increasingly deadly and frequent droughts, caused by the climatic crisis.

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