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Remove hijab or leave – McDonald’s security guard reportedly told customer (VIDEO)

McDonald’s has apologized after a security guard at one of its London restaurants reportedly told a woman she must remove her hijab or leave the premises.

The incident happened in North London as the woman attempted to place an order at a fast-food chain on the Seven Sisters Road. Footage circulated online Friday shows the would-be customer remonstrating with a security guard after being repeatedly told to remove the traditional Muslim headscarf.

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“It’s just a matter of taking it [the hijab] off,” a man, wearing a security tag, states.

The unidentified woman then explains how she wears the hijab for religious reasons. At one point a bystander steps in, telling the security employee that he cannot stop the woman from visiting the restaurant because of her headscarf.

“I will stand in line and get the food that I want because this isn’t okay,” the woman says.

“This is a hate crime,” the woman adds. “I’ve been living in the UK for 19 years now and this is the first time I’m faced with this kind of discrimination and I am shocked. I’m actually shocked.” has reached out to the owner of the video, who said the woman will be contacting the relevant authorities.

It's alleged that the woman was told the hijab was a security threat, reported the Guardian.

In response to the video, McDonald’s issued an apology and stated the company do not have any policy preventing customers from wearing religious attire.

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“McDonald’s has no policy which restricts or prevents anyone wearing a hijab, or any other religious attire, from entering our restaurants. We welcome customers of all faiths and sincerely apologize for this situation,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told in a statement.

“We are taking this matter very seriously and are addressing the situation with the individuals involved; the security guard, from a third party company, has been suspended."

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