Russian hackers behind leak of UN diplomat’s email: report

Russian hacker group Fancy Bear was behind a hack targeting Western politicians and diplomats, including leaked emails that suggested a top German diplomat helped get his wife a job at the United Nations, according to media reports.

German newspaper Bild reported Monday that Fancy Bear, which is believed to be linked to Russian intelligence agency GRU, hacked into the United Nations’ email system about half a year ago. The material they collected was intended to help portray the Western world as “corrupt,” according to Bild.

The emails obtained by the group included one reported on by Spiegel on Saturday, which suggested that current German ambassador to the U.N., Christoph Heusgen, helped his wife to get a job at the United Nations in December last year. At the time, Heusgen was working as one of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s top political advisers in Berlin.

Bild cited German security sources as saying that one of the authors of the Spiegel report had worked with the hacker group in the past.

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