The Best Apps to Travel Around the World

Whether you’re planning a long trip, or just want to stay connected during your trip, there are many applications for travelers to use. From Hostelworld’s worldwide network of over 17,000 hostels to a translator for 43 languages, there’s an app for everyone! Even the weather is covered with apps like WeatherBug, which gives forecasts for millions of locations, from a single location to the entire planet. The apps track pressure and humidity, and can send you instant alerts if the weather changes.


Flush is a free app that allows you to search for public restrooms around the world. Flush claims to have a database of more than 200,000 facilities. It will also tell you if they are open to the public or require a fee. It even has a feature that tells you whether the toilets are handicap accessible.

Sit or Squat

Travelers who are in need of a toilet break can download the free app Sit or Squat to find public toilets around the world. It was created by Charmin, an American toilet paper company, and has over 100,000 listings. The app allows travelers to filter their searches to find public toilets near their current location. The app also features a rating system for cleanliness.


TripIt is a great app for storing and organizing travel documents. It can be used to keep track of flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and Airbnbs. It can also keep track of ferry tickets and car rental reservations. It also has voice guidance for driving directions.


Meetup is a popular social networking app that lets users participate in local events and meet people. All you have to do is register on the site and search in the city you’re visiting. You can choose to meet locals and tourists who are looking for fun things to do. Meetup matches users based on common interests and hobbies.

Google Maps

Traveling around the world is a lot easier with the Google Maps app. The app has offline capabilities and even shows traffic conditions. It is a free app and can be downloaded to any mobile device. This app also suggests things to see and do while you’re at your destination.


Despite the convenience that digital technology offers, some people find that they are missing the personal element of life. It is not uncommon for people to have thousands of friends on Facebook, or to tweet intimate moments to their followers. However, Touchnote takes this one step further, by turning the digital into the personal. It will remind you of how exciting a physical letter can be, even if you’re only sending it to a few people. It will also remind you of how much better it is to have the same feeling when you receive a letter or picture from a friend.


The XE app helps you convert currencies in real-time. It has live exchange rates, currency charts, and allows you to select different currencies to use. You can also set up rate alerts. The app also works offline.


GasBuddy is one of the best apps for travelers who want to save money while buying gas. This app crowdsources gas prices from users and provides real-time pricing information. It has over 90 million downloads and is free to use. The app lets you filter your results based on price, location, restrooms, and more. You can also track your fuel consumption and export a log for taxes or reimbursement.


Wise is a great option for travelers who wish to make international payments and transfer money without any hassle. It works with any major bank in the world, irrespective of currency, and offers multiple ways to pay and receive money. The service also allows you to track the progress of your money while it is in transit.

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