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Twitter hunt for Bournemouth-Manchester train ‘love rat Ben’

A student has caused a nationwide hunt for a "love rat" after overhearing a conversation on a train.

Bournemouth University student Emily Shepherd tweeted: "If anyone has a boyfriend called Ben …. he's just told his friends he's cheating on you."

The post has been retweeted more than 26,000 times after she sent it from the Bournemouth to Manchester train on Friday.

Ms Shepherd said the response had been "crazy".

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If anyone has a boyfriend called Ben on the Bournemouth – Manchester train right now, he’s just told his friends he’s cheating on you. Dump his ass x

— Emily (@emilyshepss) December 1, 2017

End of Twitter post by @emilyshepss

The 23-year-old, who was on board the train which left Bournemouth at about 17:00 GMT on Friday, said "It was a fairly empty carriage and there was a group of boys talking and drinking and swearing as lads do, and they were going through girls' Facebook profiles."

She said she had publicly outed the individual after he apparently admitted to cheating on his girlfriend.

"It's been crazy – I've received so many comments from people supporting me and you get the usual trolls trying to bring you down," she added.

"I've had a few people sending me pictures saying 'does he look like this?', 'what does he look like?' but there's no sign yet."

Among those retweeting the original post was Deborah Meaden from BBC Two show Dragons' Den.

However, some people criticised Ms Shepherd's decision to post the tweet.

But other people rallied to support Ms Shepherd and congratulated her for the post.

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We live in a society where we turn a blind eye to things which are bad or wrong on basis it has nothing to do with us. This mentality gives breeding ground more wrong to take place.
Good on you @emilyshepss for exposing a cheat!
It’s prob cheats who are calling you a snake!

— Wasim Akhtar (@WasimAkhtar786) December 4, 2017

End of Twitter post by @WasimAkhtar786

Skip Twitter post by @LKpreztoday

If he sat there loudly bragging, then he deserves every bit of what was coming to him. Ignore the snake talk. Girls have stuck together for hundreds of years, that's not about to change because a few lads are butt hurt that it's easy to get caught out. #goemily

— Lisa Bower (@LKpreztoday) December 3, 2017

End of Twitter post by @LKpreztoday

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