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UK To Send Challenger 2 Tanks To Ukraine In War Against Russia

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed that the UK will provide tanks to Ukraine to help forces in Kyiv “repel Russian troops”.

Downing Street said Mr Sunak made the promise during a Saturday morning call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In a reading of the phone conversation, a Number 10 spokeswoman said the Prime Minister had offered additional Challenger 2 tanks and artillery systems as a sign of the UK’s “ambition to step up support to Ukraine”.

Deliver a Squadron of Tanks to Ukraine

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has agreed to deliver a squadron of tanks to Ukraine to help the country regain territory lost to Russian forces

The move makes the UK the first Western power to supply the Ukrainians with main battle tanks.

Earlier this week, Western officials warned that Ukraine would not be able to retake significant territory from Russia without an increase in its combat power, including tanks and other heavy armour.

There have been concerns within NATO that the supply of tanks could be seen by the Russians as a further escalation of the conflict.

This comes after the United States pledged 50 Bradley anti-tank armored vehicles as part of its biggest military assistance package to date for Ukraine.

Germany also announced that it would provide around 40 Marder armored personnel carriers and France promised wheeled AMX-10 RC tank destroyers.

Russian 152.4 mm Msta self-propelled howitzers firing during combat in Donetsk.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister spoke today with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. “The leaders reflected on the current state of Russia’s war in Ukraine, with successive Ukrainian victories pushing back Russian troops and compounding their military and moral problems.

“They agreed on the need to seize this moment with an acceleration of global military and diplomatic support for Ukraine.

“The Prime Minister underlined the UK’s ambition to step up its support for Ukraine, including through the provision of additional Challenger 2 tanks and artillery systems.

“The Prime Minister and President Zelensky welcomed other international commitments in this direction, including Poland’s offer to provide a company of Leopard tanks.

“The Prime Minister stressed that he and the whole of the British government will work intensively with international partners to quickly provide the kind of support that will allow Ukraine to assert its advantage, win this war and secure a peace. sustainable.”

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