Where do archived emails go in Gmail?

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Where do archived emails go in Gmail?
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Everyone has great ambitions about cleaning up their inbox, it sounds like a dead boring job – it is – but the satisfaction to be gained from completing the task is crucial for a happy life.

You could also opt for the idea that keeping your inbox tidy all of the time is half the battle and use the method of archiving emails to keep on top of things.

So what exactly happens when you archive an email on Gmail?

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When you archive a message in Gmail, it disappears from your inbox and moves to All Mail.

You can find the All Mail section when you open the ‘More’ section and All Mail should be lumped in with chats, spam and trash.

Archiving a message means you are just removing it from the site of your Inbox, it is still in your Gmail in All Mail.

This means that the archived message will ping back into your Inbox when someone replies to it.

Where do archived emails go in Gmail?
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How to archive a message on Gmail


Select the emails you want to archive, or simply click into the email.

Then you nee dot click the archive icon which looks like an open box with an arrow on it.

Android App

Open the Gmail app, in the top left you will see three horizontal lines which stand for menu.

Click menu then click settings, general settings, and then Gmail default action.

Then tap archive or delete whatever you want the default action to be.

Deleted messages only stick around in your trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

Where do archived emails go in Gmail?
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You can then scroll to action confirmations and choose if you want to have to click confirm to archive or delete something.

Then in your general inbox and swipe right or left to archive a message whichever one you chose.

To archive a message within a email just click archive, and to archive multiple messages, selected the messages and click archive.

iOS App

If you are using the iOS App to sort out your Gmails, you can archive a message by swiping left or right and hitting move, and move to the All Mail section.

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