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‘Worst Christmas tree in Britain’ gets a makeover after backlash

'Worst Christmas tree in Britain' gets a makeover after backlash
Everyone was mean about the tree (Picture: SWNS)

The ‘worst Christmas tree in Britain’ has been replaced after people started posting mean comments about it.

Yes, even Christmas trees can’t escape cyberbullying these days.

It was put up in Ottery St Mary, a town in Devon, and was the focus of the festive lights switch on on Friday.

But people started calling it a ‘twig’ and a ‘lopsided skeleton’, with the local newspaper asking: ‘Does this Devon town have Britain’s worst Christmas tree?’

As it turns out, the tree was sourced by an old man in his eighties, who was trying his best to bring some seasonal cheer to his ungrateful community.

For shame.

'Worst Christmas tree in Britain' gets a makeover after backlash
Before and after

The unloved tree has been replaced after the online backlash, with a local businessman donating a more classically beautiful specimen.

James Trevett, who runs a garden centre, came up with a 30ft Nordman Fir and urged people to help dress it with spare decorations.

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He said: ‘The previous tree was sourced by an 80-year-old local gent.

‘He receives no help and has always worked hard with what he could get.

‘As the tree isn’t funded by the town council it’s always been begged borrowed or donated.

‘The new tree was supplied by myself as I have Combe Garden Centre, a new centre due to open in 2018.

'Worst Christmas tree in Britain' gets a makeover after backlash
Happy now, with your perfect tree? (Picture: SWNS)

‘I already source a 30ft tree for both Honiton and Sidmouth town council and will now make sure I add Ottery to that list.

‘I want to make sure the kind local gent has a perfect tree to work with every year.

The tree is located outside the town library and the annual late night shopping and switch on event was held on Friday night.

For shame, cyber bullies who said things like:

‘A lot of people thought it was last year’s tree. Ottery is such a well-known town because of the Tar Barrels that you would expect to have a decent Christmas tree.’

‘My sister lives in Ottery and I couldn’t believe it when I drove past. I literally said to my sister “Who is going to go and sort that twig out?”‘

‘Oh dear again with the appalling Christmas tree. Why can’t Ottery get a tree that doesn’t look like lopsided skeleton after the cats have been climbing it.’

The residents replaced it on Sunday morning.

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